1984 - Documentary on the great master Georges Yatridès - Yatridès’ art (narrated by the artist)


Reportage translation:

"He creates. Because creating means imagining an exact picture and composing the exact picture of an event. When this picture is created, it is only a minor achievement to make it a reality because someone else can also. So the idea is of the utmost importance. All the esoteric masters know that. They believe that by forethinking an exact scene, the mind creates and generates this situation.

While it all appears mysterious and magical to many, this act of creation comes down to applying the creative laws for the man who has perceived them. As he applies those laws, and programs his vision, he makes them whole. Consequently, he creates a phenomenon that appears magical to the common man. Actually, those laws are the foundation of everything which is material, organic, mineral or metallic; and finally, those laws are impersonal, they apply to all."

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